Vizulize Dry Eye Drops


Specially developed with the natural tear lubricant, Sodium Hyaluronate, to provide effective and long-lasting relief for dry, tired and sensitive eyes.
pH balanced to be kind to eyes.
Suitable for use with contact lenses.

Vizulize Dry Eye Drops have been expertly developed with Sodium Hyaluronate, to moisturise, hydrate and soothe. This natural tear lubricant provides effective relief for dry, tired and sensitive eyes, as well as the associated feelings of irritation, grittiness and discomfort.

Formulated to be naturally kind to eyes, Vizulize Dry Eye Drops are pH balanced to the eye’s tear fluid so as not to sting on application.

Vizulize Dry Eye Drops, like all Vizulize eye care products, can be safely used with contact lenses without having to remove them.

Conditions treated

This effective formulation is suitable for treating dry eyes caused by extensive computer and mobile device screen time, intensive close up work, contact lens wear, ageing and hormonal changes. They can also provide relief for eyes affected by exposure to air conditioning, central heating, pollution and hot or windy environments.

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